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The construction industry relies on temporary wall systems

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Why do companies utilize what Temporary Walls Systems has to offer? Because they understand that the best quality barrier makes ALL the difference. Our customers count on the consistent quality of our superior products, coupled with premium, efficient customer service. Our clients call us again and again, and they’ll rely on you and your business to do the same.

As a local full-service equipment rental franchise owner, you can provide world-class service and high-end solutions to businesses in your community, which help:

  • Minimize noise pollution from a booming construction site
  • Protect office space from dust and debris during renovation projects
  • Lessen the spread of infections at hospitals and schools
  • Keep data centers and laboratories clean
Wall system installation


Temporary Wall Systems provides effective turn-key service by dispatching field teams that take care of everything so our client doesn’t have to. We understand the needs and challenges of active construction sites and provide a versatile solution.

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities, specifically, are continually undergoing renovations. Renovation or expansion accounted for 73% of hospital construction projects, with an estimated $9 billion spent on projects that require proper containment solutions.

  • The U.S. construction industry has an average annual expenditure of $1.231 billion.

  • In 2019, the construction industry generated $2 trillion in revenue in the U.S.

  • The industry has more than 733,000 employers with over 7 million employees.

  • The construction industry is one of the world economy’s largest sectors, with $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year.

  • The commercial property remodeling industry is a $35 billion market in the U.S.


Temporary Wall Systems was founded in 2017 by Juli Lemire and Ryan Lemire. Their goal was to help businesses overcome one of the primary challenges in renovation projects – the containment of dust and debris. 

Ryan Lemire worked as a union carpenter in Boston for over 20 years and was very familiar with the many frustrations that come from an active construction site. In particular, he had witnessed thousands of square feet of traditional stud and drywall being used for containment, only to be discarded after project completion. Ryan soon discovered a state-of-the-art modular wall containment in use at his job site. He immediately recognized this to be an environmentally responsible containment alternative that would withstand the rigors of an active construction environment.

Putting their combined knowledge and passions together, Juli and Ryan created an amazing opportunity known as Temporary Wall Systems, LLC.